Buick Club of Norway

Who are we

Buick Club of Norway - who are we

Buick Club of Norway is a national club established in 1992, with some members from the other Nordic countries and some from the USA. Most members are situated in and around the Oslo area. 

The club holds membership meetings every third Wednesday of the month, from August to May. The meetings are held in Oslo. Besides coffee and waffles, an "academic lecture" is held. December meeting is devoted to the youngest family members, with porridge, cartoons and visits by Santa Claus. The last club meeting before the summer, and the first in the fall, is held in the afternoon or as a Sunday excursions for the whole family. The trip goes to an interesting place, often with a cultural element, and ends with a coffee, cake and a chat. 

The Club magazine Road Master, is the link to all the club members, regardless of place of residence. The magazine comes out 4 times per year. It is in color and on glossy paper. The fine quality of the Road Master Magazine has led to an award from the American Buick club for its high quality. This has been received two years in a row and the Magazine has also been praised in the Norwegian motor press. Content ranges from articles on interesting cars, restoration projects, technical tips and advice, events calendar and programs from events in the club's auspices. The substance is a mixture of the submitted material from far and near, and self-produced by the editorial committee. The Magazine`s "Purchase and sale" pages are also very popular. 

Every spring, like the Pentecost, the Club arranges a long trip for members, family and friends. The destination varies every year and includes a wide range of hotels and lodging. The trip has gone to all Scandinavian countries. For example, we have visited Valley hotel in Telemark, Stalheim in Voss, Høsbjør in Brumunddal, Lensmansgarden in Värmland, Store Restrup Herregaard and castle visits in Denmark. In 2016, we went to Sunne in Sweden H and 2008 the trip went to Dr. Holms at Geilo. 

The trip includes driving on idyllic country roads, visits to sites that we would not otherwise have access to, common lunches and a banquet. 

The Buick club has traditionally had a stand at the Norwegian Veteran Club's spring and fall markets at Ekeberg. Usually many of the club members attend this fair and come around for a rest and a chat at the stand. 

From time to time the club arranges other events, such as fairs, exhibitions and trips. 

The Buick has been a popular car to import as a veteran car, or at the "30-year rule". Buick as a new car, was mostly successful before the  World War II in Norway. Still, there are certainly many models from the 1920`and the 1930` which are still unrestored in barn and  garages. Right from the start in 1903. the Buick had a top-ventilated motor, which gave the superiority of speed racing in pioneer times. Louis Chevrolet was one of Buick's factory drivers. Buick had a reputation as a  reliable car with a strong engine and good brakes. In Norway this is confirmed by the large number of Geiranger-Buicks and hotel carriages and cabs of the Buick brand. The In line eight was used from 1931 until 1953 and was known for its calm and quiet run. After the war, the Buick grille gave the nick name "Dollar-glis (glis =smile)". There are many good reasons to bet on a Buick ....... 

One of the benefits of being a member of the "Buickklubben", is to take advantage of the car technique network. We have a group of members that have built up a tremendous expertise in history and technology and members share information about deliveries and reliable subcontractors.

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